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Interior Design Business - Sunday Productivity

It’s no secret, nobody wants to hustle on a Sunday off, but using downtime to catch up on the more mundane tasks can give you a leg up on a busy week to come. Imagine going in on Monday with a clear mind, and workable schedule!

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Eliminate the panic, chaos and dread of Monday morning!

Here are some keys to turning a lazy Sunday into the building blocks of a successful week:

Get Organized

C&J Accounting Services Blog - Getting Organized

The best part about working on a Sunday is, most people aren’t! Although you love your interior design clients, they can sometimes derail a productive day with calls, questions, and unexpected to-dos.

To Do:

  • Clean your desktop
  • Make your to-do lists
  • Organize your notes
  • Clean up your inbox

Pick Your Outfits & Plan Your Meals

Happy Sunday - C&J Accounting Services

This may sound silly, but pre-planning your outfits for the week and prepping some lunches can make a HUGE difference in how smoothly your week runs. Cut down on the number of decisions you need to make before work even begins, so you have more time to use your brain power on the important stuff.

Send Some Emails

C&J Accounting Services - Sunday Emails

The best part about sending emails on a Sunday, is that they probably won’t get answered until Monday. This gives you the chance to put some time and relaxed energy into all the emails you send out, and will show that you are dedicated to your clients.

Wake up Early

Wake up Early - C&J Accounting Services

Imagine if you could get all of the above done before 10 am? You still feel like you have a full day ahead of you, and you go into it with the peace of mind of knowing that some of your least favorite things are already out of the way.

Plus, did we mention you can work in your pajamas?

Happy Friday!

The C&J Team


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