Top Interior Design Project Management Software: Part 1

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Interior Design Bookkeeping - Top Project Management Software

Before we dive into the world of interior design project management software, it’s important to review your company’s current procedure. Answer the following questions…

  1. What is your current system?
  2. How much time are you spending reviewing and organizing your projects?
  3. What’s working?
  4. What isn’t working?
  5. Do you keep messy notebooks?
  6. Are you and your team on the same page?
  7. Are all of your projects meeting expectations?
  8. Is there an easier way?
  9. Do you go home with headaches?

Interior Design Project Management Nightmare

Sometimes, it can be hard to find any rhyme or reason to the way interior design firms handle their project management, and without the proper system, one wrong turn can demolish months of your hard work. It’s tough when a lot of your businesses success relies on you being out of the office and “in the trenches”. What I can tell you is, the most successful firms ARE absolutely using project management software and hyper-organized systems (sometimes totally customized) to stay on time and on track. It’s how they set up the framework to take on more clients and keep the money train rolling in!

It’s important to note that this is not a comparison, but a guide. Each have their own unique features, but we can help you choose one that best fits your budget, firm and personality.

Here are some interior design project management software to consider:





  • $699 annually with a 30 day full refund policy. Includes: Free email, phone & chat support
  • $1,799 for a 3 year plan with a 30 day full refund policy. Includes: Free email, phone & chat support
  • $69 per month

Studio WebWare

Studio Webware logo - Design Accounting Solutions

Studio WebWare for Interior Design


  • $35 per month for Professional
  • $25 per month for Basic

Design Manager

Design Manager Logo

Design Manager Functionality 2


  • $35 per month for Design Manager
  • $48 per month for Design Manager Pro

Designer Logic

Designer Logic


Designer Logic Functionality


  • $1071 per year with a single user
  • $1850 per year with multi user features


ConnexionSoft Logo

ConnexionSoft Functionality


  • $27 per month for Basic
  • $37 per month for Plus
  • $57 per month for Premium



DesignDocs Functionality


  • $65 per month

As noted before, these software overall do perform many of the same functions, but there will be differences in how those functions are performed, and the flow, look and feel. It’s important to find one that works best for how you work.

Exploring what you need and why, will help you single out features that are most important to you.

Part II to include a breakdown of features! To be continued….


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