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For those in the interior design business, you are sometimes forced to be in the business of admin work, accounting work, marketing, branding and sometimes scariest of all, web development. A decent web developer spends years behind a computer learning the language of code and the art of web design. So, what do you as a small business owner need in order to build a beautiful, functional and effective website?

Let’s think of web design in terms of building a house. The land, foundation, and bare bones are your HOSTING. The architecture of your home and general layout is the THEME used to create your site. Lastly, the interior décor and style elements of the home would be how you, or your web person DESIGN your site.

Here’s an inside look of what goes into a great interior design web design:

  1. The Bones & Foundation – WEBSITE HOSTING

First, you may be wondering what a hosting service is.  A hosting service gives you everything you need to set up a website that actually shows up on the web. For instance, a hosting service will provide you your domain name (, your email address ( and all of the server space needed to store your sites info. Without hosting, you don’t have a website!

website hosting - interior design

We recommend using for hosting as their support team can help you navigate the strange new terrain.

  1. The Architecture – WEBSITE THEME

The second most important step to building a website is to either have it custom designed (sometimes a pricey option) or to choose an existing website theme that you can fill in the blanks to. We recommend using WordPress or Houzz Website Designer.

website template - interior design

A website theme is basically a layout. It’s the design of your sites “home”, a blank slate for you to then fill with your company’s artwork, photography, language and branding.

  1. The Décor – WEBSITE DESIGN

Lastly, now that you have the foundation and the house, it’s time to decorate! A website developer or website designer should be able to walk you through the steps needed to fill out your website theme. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Design a Logo
  2. Choose a font
  3. Choose your menus (i.e. home, about us, portfolio, services, contact)
  4. Set up your social media accounts and link to website
  5. Create “website copy” that represents your voice
  6. Fill in with pictures and colors that showcase your brand

interior design website

Stay Inspired!

The C&J Accounting Team

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