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Interior Design Accounting – Think Like an Accountant

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ID Accounting - Think like an Accountant

In past Posts, we’ve discussed tools, outsourcing and the “why”. Now it’s time to cover those of you that have considered tackling the sometimes daunting activity of taking charge of your own bookkeeping. The secret? It doesn’t have to be daunting! Here are some tips on channeling your inner accountant.

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Top Interior Design Project Management Software: Part 1

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Interior Design Bookkeeping - Top Project Management Software

Before we dive into the world of interior design project management software, it’s important to review your company’s current procedure. Answer the following questions…

  1. What is your current system?
  2. How much time are you spending reviewing and organizing your projects?
  3. What’s working?
  4. What isn’t working?
  5. Do you keep messy notebooks?
  6. Are you and your team on the same page?
  7. Are all of your projects meeting expectations?
  8. Is there an easier way?
  9. Do you go home with headaches?

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5 Benefits of Using Design Manager Software for Interior Design

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Interior Design Bookkeeping - 5 Benefits of Using Design Manager

C&J Accounting for Interior Design - Design Manager Certified

1. Cloud Access

Much like other interior design software (like Studio WebWare, Designer Advantage, and QuickBooks), Design Manager is based in the cloud. That means that anyone on your team can access it at any time, from a Mac or PC. This is so important to staying efficient. Desktop applications are quickly becoming obsolete, and for good reason. The cloud is where it’s at.

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Interior Design Bookkeeping: How It’s Different

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Interior Design Bookkeeping - How it's Different


We cover a variety of industries, but by far the most unique is bookkeeping for interior design.

Here are a few reasons why:

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